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how to use mysql [closed]

asked 2014-10-14 01:04:43 -0500

saurabh gravatar image

I have downloaded devstack and executed Now i am able to see the dashboard. I want to use mysql on client side. How to start?

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Closed for the following reason the question is answered, right answer was accepted by saurabh
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answered 2014-10-14 02:02:09 -0500

If the devstack ended up properly it would have given a URL for accessing the dashboard. If you hit that URL in browser then you will be able to see the dashboard. If dashboard is not accessible then please paste a proper error that it gives. Regrading you second question of using mysql. Its simple as you use normally. If you want to see password you can open localrc to see, or you should remember the password that you initially set up while installing devstack

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answered 2014-10-14 09:54:41 -0500

SGPJ gravatar image

Devstack would have installed mysql for you. you need to access with password (in local.conf) to get into DB then rest is same as usual.

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