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Is it possible to attach volume when vmware instance is in running state ? [closed]

asked 2014-10-13 05:35:32 -0500

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I am working with icehouse openstack cinder integration with vmware vcenter 5.5. Now, I am able to create volumes successfully using VMwareVcVmdkDriver . But When I tried attaching the created volume to the running Vmware instance via openstack horizon, it failed with error message in vsphere client's recent task stating " The attempted operation can not be performed in power ON state" . So I tried with shut off instance in which volume get attached successfully.

Is it possible to attach volume when vmware instance is in running state ?

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answered 2014-10-13 06:37:52 -0500

updated 2014-10-13 06:46:12 -0500

Yes its possible, but it depends on which controller you used. For example IDE controller does not support hotplugging.

An attempt to add error handling exception in the case where user wants to attach volume to active(on) instance(when using IDE controller), was done by openstack developers. Check this.

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