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Anyone configured Keystone V3 Domains ?

asked 2014-10-13 05:14:53 -0500

updated 2014-10-15 14:06:27 -0500

I have enabled keystone V3 API and configured multidomain setup as per the below tutorial.

But I have received "You are not authorized for any projects." while login with domain. The following errors in keystone.log

2014-10-13 05:35:00.440 7904 WARNING keystone.common.wsgi [-] Authorization failed. The request you have made requires authentication. from

Anyone have idea to resolve this issue?

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answered 2014-10-13 11:23:18 -0500

updated 2014-10-15 11:14:48 -0500

What do you want to do? That blog is about how to use policy file to setup domain administrator.. You don't need to do anything. Take any version of keystone ( from havana), and just create domains and users in domain. If you are not comforrtable with curl, then use openstack client


  1. That error message says, you don't have any tenants associated with the user.

  2. It is verfy difficult to guess. Make sure you are able to get token via cloud_admin user. Using that token get the domain administrator user informaton, the projects and roles associated with the domain administrator. With that information we can figure out the problem

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I had done all the steps and generated user policy file for domain administrator but received "You are not authorized for any projects" error while login as domain administrator.

Gopalakrishnan S gravatar imageGopalakrishnan S ( 2014-10-15 00:00:38 -0500 )edit

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