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Do we need to stop swift servers while adding new disk?

asked 2013-09-16 11:56:59 -0500

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updated 2013-09-16 11:59:33 -0500


I tried to experiment with adding new hard disks to a multinode Swift cluster consisting of one Keystone node, one Swift Proxy Server node, and five storage nodes (snode01, snode02, ..., snode05).

I would like to experiment with adding more hard disks to each storage node, and in the future adding more storage nodes.

The following was what I did:

1) attached a virtual hard disk to snode01 as /dev/vdc

2)partitioned /dev/vdc

3)mkfs.xfs /dev/vdc1

4)mount /dev/vdc1 /srv/node/vdc1

5) swift-ring-builder account.builder add r1z1- 100

swift-ring-builder container.builder add r1z1- 100

swift-ring-builder object.builder add r1z1- 100

6) swift-ring-builder account.builder rebalance

swift-ring-builder container.builder rebalance

swift-ring-builder object.builder rebalance

7) copy the new account.ring.gz, container.ring.gz and object.ring.gz to each of the storage node

I guess I can do the above without worrying about the users are loading data into the Swift cluster because the *.ring.gz files are loaded into memory (if I am wrong, please correct me)

WHAT TO DO NEXT? SHOULD I RESTART swift-object, swift-container swift-account services on each storage node to make the new ring take effect? should I shut down proxy server to prevent users from loading files while I am restarting swift services on the storage node?



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answered 2013-09-17 00:41:11 -0500

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