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cinder-vmware integration: stuck with error "No backend provided & No valid host was found" [closed]

asked 2014-10-10 01:45:52 -0500

Vinoth gravatar image

updated 2014-10-10 01:49:59 -0500

Hi , I am trying to integrate openstack cinder-volume with vmware datastore. I have already integrated Vcenter with nova. With the same setup now I am working on this cinder integration. I have setup architecture as follows..

I installed nova-compute service in controller for vcenter integration which has nova-network for networking. I have 1 ESXI server added as a compute code. I have launched 3 virtual machine in ESXI host using openstack horizon which occupied half of the Datastore space. I am trying to use the remaining datastore space of ESXI host for Vmware-cinder integration.

Before trying vmware-cinder integration I have installed default cinder service in my icehouse openstack setup. In that I was successfully able to create Volumes.

Then, I followed this reference link for cinder-vmware integration.

I have added the following line in cinder.conf file:

volume_driver = cinder.volume.drivers.vmware.vmdk.VMwareVcVmdkDriver





Then I created storage policy (name=thin) with tag (name=sample) in vcenter. Then I mapped the existing datastore with the created storage policy.

Now, when I am try creating the cinder volume I recevied the following error message in cinder-scheduler.log

No backend provided, not calling functor '' _with_connection /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/taskflow/

WARNING cinder.scheduler.host_manager [req-f6ecedd9-2781-4964-b2f5-923ecf4f81bd daf52fac21554a77833dbf065c7f9c8d 19c208485cac4c72895b2c806f5a9a71 - - -] volume service is down or disabled. (host: icehouse)

DEBUG cinder.openstack.common.scheduler.filters.capabilities_filter [req-f6ecedd9-2781-4964-b2f5-923ecf4f81bd daf52fac21554a77833dbf065c7f9c8d 19c208485cac4c72895b2c806f5a9a71 - - -] extra_spec requirement 'thin' does not match 'LVM_iSCSI' _satisfies_extra_specs /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/cinder/openstack/common/scheduler/filters/

DEBUG cinder.openstack.common.scheduler.filters.capabilities_filter [req-f6ecedd9-2781-4964-b2f5-923ecf4f81bd daf52fac21554a77833dbf065c7f9c8d 19c208485cac4c72895b2c806f5a9a71 - - -] host 'icehouse@thin': free_capacity_gb: 19.0 fails resource_type extra_specs requirements host_passes /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/cinder/openstack/common/scheduler/filters/

ERROR cinder.scheduler.flows.create_volume [req-f6ecedd9-2781-4964-b2f5-923ecf4f81bd daf52fac21554a77833dbf065c7f9c8d 19c208485cac4c72895b2c806f5a9a71 - - -] Failed to schedule_create_volume: No valid host was found.

Could anyone help me with solution ?

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answered 2014-10-14 00:28:01 -0500

Vinoth gravatar image

This problem has been solved. The solution is completely weird. In my cinder.conf file I have just shifted the above mentioned configurations to the top of the file. i.e., I added those configuration lines to the very first line after [Default] tag which resolved the issue. In before case, I had those lines included at the last of the [default] tag. I am totally confused, how this could solved the problem. but it does :-)

If any one have suggestions, kindly post it here. cheers :-)

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