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Hello All, I have gone the hardway trying to install openstack havana in my virtualbox but had to give up before of issues which are shared by other people for which you hardly get answers when searched on google. This is not to paint a bad image of openstack. I am now trying it again and this time in a competition so I woul like to have some fundamentals clearly outlined.

I have an office netwok: managed by clearOS so dhcp and dns. I would be using vitualbox with bridged network adapter so nodes on virutalbox (I could be 4 office machines all running vituabox to donate some of their machine powers to the pro) would behave as normal nodes on the network with IP given by our dhcp.

Question 1 Is a network conflict likely to happen when one node is configured as openstack-network node?

Supposing the architecture of openstack I am aming at is made up of 4 components: Controller| Compute | Network | Storage . I can assimilate these to aws components controller => the whole orchestrator module, compute => Ec2, network=> component for internl ip management etc, storage => s3 (Correct me if I am wrong).

Question 2 Will network component of openstack assign another IPs to the other 3 components aside the one given my office dhcp server?

Question 3 If yes, should each node have 2 ethernet interfaces?

Question 4 Network component is also the one assigning private IP to instances launched from compute, How are those instances accessible on our office network?

Question 5 with these configuration in mind, I assume compute node should have high cpu and big hdd, and storage bigger hdd.

Question 6 Are there any known good repeatable steps to achieve this sort of setup in virtualbox using puppetlabs(seen some video around on youtube about this) as well as manually.

Thanks for your insight in advance

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Conversations are better held on a mailing list like Operators ( ). Check on how to use this site.

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