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Nova: Server's metadata

asked 2013-09-15 07:18:36 -0500

Maty Grosz gravatar image


The formal OpenStack documentation regarding Server's metadata attribute is that this attribute is optional. When looking into the API responses for listServers or getServer - once an attribute is an optional one, then it is not included/mentioned in the responses. What is expected from the metadata attribute? Because, when I am running against an OpenStack node - I still have the metadata included/mentioned in the responses even though it is empty. Even in all the documentation examples for the above APIs - the metadata attribute is not included/mentioned.

Can someone explain?



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answered 2015-01-05 00:51:11 -0500

trung-t-trinh gravatar image

Metadata attribute is optional and defaults to an empty dictionary. It's free to define the key/value pairs for this metadata dictionary. The purpose is to input additional parameters to the process of launching VM instance. However, we have to modify legacy Nova source code upon adding new key/value pairs accordingly. Otherwise, it won't make any sense.

The only way to understand this metadata is to look into Nova source code.

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