How should neutron service plugins communicate with each other?

asked 2014-10-07 17:33:26 -0500

monicar gravatar image

I have created two neutron service plugins that are very similar in structure to the Firewall service plugin. How should these services interact with one another?

My instinct is to have the caller service setup a python neutronclient instance and use it to invoke the api of the other neutron service. Is this the correct approach? Is there a precedent for this situation? Any dos and donts on setting up a client instance for communication within the same module?

The other alternative is to call the plugin class methods directly. The downside of this alternative approach is that I will have to construct and pass in a 'context' input value similar to what the python client passes in. I dont really want to construct the context myself, since I'll have to mimic what the existing neutron infrastructure creates and then keep my duplication in synch with any changes that come into neutron infrastructure.

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