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Change windows hostname when creating instance from snapshot.

asked 2013-09-13 13:48:07 -0500

ab5124 gravatar image

Looking for a way to set the hostname of a new windows instance when creating it from a preexisting snapshot. I have tried to do a sysprep creating my snapshot then starting a new instance. Gets random name assigned and I have tried without doing sysprep w/ same results.

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answered 2013-10-01 08:45:20 -0500

ab5124 gravatar image

The solution is to use the cloudbase service and delete the registry key CloudBase-Init under HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Cloudbase Solutions. When that is delete start to shut down your instance and create a snapshot during the shutdown process. After Windows reboots it will rename the computer to the name listed in Openstack.

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Asked: 2013-09-13 13:48:07 -0500

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