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How can I fix these issues on centos 6.5 ?

asked 2014-10-02 01:47:03 -0500

hnaung gravatar image

updated 2014-10-05 13:04:17 -0500

sgordon gravatar image [ ERROR ]
Applying Puppet manifests [ ERROR ]

ERROR : Error appeared during Puppet run: err: /Stage[main]/Horizon/Package[horizon]/ensure: change from absent to present failed: Execution of '/usr/bin/yum -d 0 -e 0 -y install openstack-dashboard' returned 1: Error: Cannot retrieve repository metadata (repomd.xml) for repository: puppetlabs-deps. Please verify its path and try again You will find full trace in log /var/tmp/packstack/20141002-121354-liQd0X/manifests/

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Please provide further info about your Openstack setup and steps that lead to this.

Fsoppelsa gravatar imageFsoppelsa ( 2014-10-02 04:53:56 -0500 )edit

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answered 2014-10-05 13:03:39 -0500

sgordon gravatar image

Check the system's repository configuration in /etc/yum.repos.d/, you are looking for the definition for the puppetlabs-deps repository which yum seems to be having trouble locating:. Try adding this to the definition for that repository:


Then run yum repolist and try running packstack again with the answer file from your original attempt.

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