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VM's not getting outside

asked 2013-09-12 15:49:40 -0600

OldParrothead gravatar image

I know this subject has been beaten to death and them some, which is why I have spent 2 days reviewing everyone's suggestions and rebuilding my framework. Here is my environment. Simply 2 nodes, one full controller (includes all but compute), and one compute node. Running Grizzly, including Quantum with Openvswitch. Base OS for servers is Ubuntu 12.04LTS. Two NIC's in each box - E0 on both is connected to local backbone E1 on both is connected to their own Openstack Mgmt network

Instances come up and down great, and can see each other. I cannot Ping anything off their net. They can ping the inside port of the router, and that's where it stops. I cannot see any router ports from the outside.

Something simple I am sure, but having a bear of a time making this happen. I have gone through this once before, and followed all my own items, but no luck.

Here are some pastes which will point someone in the right direction (Compute Node Information) (Controller Node Information)

Thanks for all your help in advance!


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answered 2015-08-16 23:21:08 -0600

Mohit gravatar image

Hello, I have the same installation on a single node and it looks like you have reached the target , Only few steps more to go, Please follow this link

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