How can I provide demo accounts to Users on my public cloud?

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I have created a private cloud on my machine and tested it by launching a Fedora instance and ssh into the instance using my local machine. I want to allow users over the internet to create an instance on my cloud and use it and test it for demo purpose, like the other cloud services. How can I do so?

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answered 2015-03-26 07:54:34 -0500

You can create a registration page, which invokes keystone API calls to get the users registered in Keystone as a 'Member' account. By default "Member" role has certain limits. If you want to modify the limits or can either edit it or create a new role like 'demo_users' and specify the limitations for each service in their policy.json file. For example, for glance service, you can find the policy file in "/etc/glance/policy.json" and can create restrictions like 'demo_users' can't upload new images. You can also implement similar restrictions for all the services.

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