General questions about Neutron/Quantum plugins

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Hi there,

Can you explain a little bit about the different Neutron plugins? Is it a must to use them? What's there by default? I am familiar with Cisco UCS, Nexus 1000v and physical Nexus switches. Can you provide some real example how the integration with those works? If I understand it correctly, a plugin allows me to use the same Neutron syntax/CLI for all virtual (or physical) platforms which are out there.

Thanks, Nir

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Hi, can you please move q2 and q3 into separate questions and then set an appropriate specific title on all three questions. Thanks.

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Thanks. Done

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Yes, a plugin must be configured for Neutron to work. With Havana I believe it will be possible to use more than one at the same time - see ML2.

Available plugins are here and you can find more links here.

Yes, the same API/CLI is used regardless of the running plugin. But some plugins support more extensions beyond the core than others.

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I echo whatever Darragh said.I want to add a point on Ml2. ML2 can talk to multiple network types/switches in the backend, in fact the plan is to make the ML2 as the one and only core_plugin and the other monolithic plugins like OVS,Linuxbridge and so on would get deprecated before the Havana cycle ends, if you are looking to develop a plugin you might need to investigate time on how to develop a type/mechanism driver for ML2 :-)

Ashokb gravatar imageAshokb ( 2013-09-07 09:33:51 -0600 )edit

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