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How to? Instance have multiple flat network ip address

asked 2014-09-26 23:37:53 -0500

senyapsudah gravatar image

Basically we have one flat network which instance connect directly to the internet. however, there is a requirement where instance need to have multiple public ip address. from

i use this command :

nova add-fixed-ip <server> <network-id>

i can see when i use nova list i can see the instance already assign another set of ip address. however, how can we automate the instance to recognize the ip assigned to it on boot. or is there any workaround that we can do to have this done?

i can see the instance add up another interface to it but not able to assigned ip address.


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answered 2014-09-27 03:10:54 -0500

senyapsudah gravatar image

updated 2014-09-27 03:12:01 -0500

After done a few testing on my environment which currently using flat network. to make sure you are able to add multiple ip address from the same network. you will need to define the ip address inside the same port-id. and this port-id must be attached to the instance that you want to create.

from there, by default meta data will only force cloud-init to configure one ip from the ip address that you have define inside the port-id. what you need to do next is to add command below to your rc.local

ip addr add <ipaddress>/mask lenght(eg:/24) dev eth< interface id>

this will allow the ip to be up on boot.

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