neutron floating ip nat on wrong router

asked 2014-09-25 07:03:28 -0500

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Hi guys,

i'm running in a problem if i assiciate a floating IP address to an instance.

My system: * icehouse / Ubuntu * 2 different tenants * each tenant have his own router * each tenant have his own fixed net/subnet attached to his own router

I've create a port on tenant A with a fixed_ip address and attach this port to tenant B router. In addition i've upteted the subnet on tenant A and add the host routes to reach the tenant B network. That works perfectly.

Now i'm spawning an instance on tenant A and i can reach them with the allocated fixed_ip. The next step is to associate a floating IP address to the spawned instance. That works without errors but the l3 agent will create the DNAT and SNAT rules on the tenant B router (wrong router).

My assumption is that the l3 agent looks for router_interface and takes the first one. So the l3 agent gets the device_id (router id) where the SNAT and DNAT should be create.

Is that a bug or do im something wrong ?

Cheers Heiko

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