DevStack VS OpenStack deployment

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Hi all,
I want to try coding some services for OpenStack and do some benchmarking on OpenStack itself.
I want to install it on 2 bare metal machines (and, in future, maybe more).

What do you suggest me to do?
Install OpenStack following every single step by hand (long and boring)?
Or use DevStack (using a smart local.conf to customize the installation)?

Moreover, is it the same thing to install OpenStack using DevStack or not (in terms of OpenStack behavior, I mean)?

Thank you

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answered 2014-09-24 14:36:49 -0600

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If your primary goal is to learn how to install and manage OpenStack, you will learn more doing it by hand than by using an automated tool such as devstack.

if your primary goal is to develop services that use the OpenStack API, and you just need some endpoints to test against, then go ahead and use an automated deployment mechanism.

In either case, you will end up with an environment that provides largely the same features, assuming that you produce a matching configuration.

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answered 2014-09-24 15:18:14 -0600

DevStack is best matched with your requirements(Benchmarking and testing). When using DevStack, there is no need to learn openstack deployment and installation hand-dirty efforts.

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