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I'm searching for a way to create a scaling Database, that I can generate more Instances when the storage or the CPU of my Database gets over a specific limit. A normal AutoScalingGroup (with alarms and policys) will generate a new Database, but the DATA of the first Database needs to be shared as well. So that the generated Database can response to any requests like the first one.

So I need to copy the first Database instead of generating a new one. Is there a way of realising this theory or is it even done yet?

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This seems less like an openstack question and more of a basic database scalability question. You are looking for a way of dynamically adding replicas into a database cluster for better performance. How you do this (and if it's possible) will depend a lot on which database product you're using.

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Could this perhaps be possible with Trove (DBaaS)?

"OpenStack Trove offers vertical scalability by allowing you to move database instances to larger virtual machines. Horizontal scalability and high availability will be provided by the Trove clustering API which is currently under development."

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