DHCP and connectivity worked but network inactivity causing issues. Are there timeout parameters in GRE tunnel causing DHCP and connectivity issues? [closed]

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I have a 3 nodes setup with Neutron networking, GRE Tunnel on Icehouse. I've followed the basic Installation Guide for Openstack on Redhat. I did not use RDO but the standard Icehouse Openstack.

DHCP would work initially but if I left the network with no traffic for several hours, DHCP stopped working. If I ping from an existing VM to the qrouter, ping would be unsuccessful. If I ping from the qrouter namespace to an existing VM, ping becomes success. And then I can ping from an existing VM to the qrouter again. If I start a new VM then, DHCP works again.

Similarly, connectivity between the VM and the qrouter is successful initially. After ~10 min (definitely over 5 min), without traffic, connectivity stopped working. However, DHCP still works with new VM. Only much later, the DHCP stopped working. The "Learn" flows seem to be not in the picture because I saw it come and go without affecting connectivity. The iptables didn't seem to have changed overtime either.

If I setup a VM with a background job to ping the qrouter every 5 min, I would have a stable environment with DHCP working and no connectivity issue including floating IPs.

I've had 2 setup with these two issues. Are these existing issues? Or is there a timeout value I should be paying attention to?

I have just edited the question since I changed one of the setup to use VLAN as provider network instead of the GRE tunnel. I have not seen DHCP issue nor the network connectivity issue anymore due to the network inactivity. Would this be an issue on the GRE tunnel?

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This question is against an End Of Life'ed version of OpenStack. Please reopen if the problem is still occurring.

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