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How to enable two users to read and write a Swift container with tempauth ACL?

asked 2014-09-19 12:13:05 -0500

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updated 2014-09-19 17:45:04 -0500

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I do have a tempauth authentication in my cluster. I am trying to achieve the container write with the help of CURL CLI.

My tempauth configuration is as below.

use = egg:swift#tempauth
reseller_prefix = PLAY
user_test_tester = testing .reseller_admin
user_account1_user1 = passwd .admin
user_account2_user2 = passwd .admin
set log_name = tempauth
set log_facility = LOG_LOCAL6
set log_level = INFO

I do have a container called films created by user1 and I am trying to provide write permission to the user2. I have posted the write permission to this container. I already have a file abc.mp4 in the container.

image description

Now i have posted a file a.mp4 with the credentials of user2 to this container.

image description

I have listed the file and it seem to be successfully uploaded under the user2.

image description

Unfortunately when I try to list the file from the user1 account,the a.mp4 file is not listed.

image description

Any thoughts on this. Kindly help me to sort out it. Thank You.

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answered 2015-04-21 16:55:35 -0500

Have you come across this before, it may be helpful.

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