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Setting IO limits for flavor icehouse

asked 2014-09-18 01:19:42 -0500

peedu gravatar image

updated 2014-09-22 08:01:32 -0500

larsks gravatar image

I used those commands to set limit for io operations for tenant m1.tiny

nova flavor-key m1.tiny set disk_read_iops_sec=300 
nova flavor-key m1.tiny set disk_write_iops_sec=300

Commands added limits and i could see them in nova flavor-show as extra_specs. But after setting the IO limits i cant launch a vm with m1.tiny tenant, i can launc vm-s with other tenants where IO limit is not set. any ideas

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answered 2014-09-22 08:04:08 -0500

peedu gravatar image

updated 2014-09-22 08:05:26 -0500

Setting IOps limit worked with this article: by Sebastien Han. But i could, not set io limit to flavor.

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