Neutron client didn't use 'demo' token to create port on 'demo' network

asked 2014-09-17 20:43:17 -0500

wangrich gravatar image

Hello! I'm following the OpenStack installing guide on Ubuntu 14.04.

When I'm trying to boot a CirrOS instance using 'nova boot', I see that it uses python-neutronclient to send HTTP request to Neutron server for creating a new port on tenant subnetwork. The tenant is 'demo'. But ahead of creating the port, the neutron client connects to Keystone server with username: neutron, password: REDACTED which is surely not the credential of user demo. After the token is returned back, the neutron client attaches that token to the creating-port request to Neutron server. Finally, Neutron server responses with HTTP 401. And the booting process fails.

I'm wondering whether the neutron fetches the token using the right credential. I mean should it use username: demo, password: demopass, tenant:demo instead of username: neutron, password: neutronpass? As the booting finally fails, I hope to find the reason.

Thank you!

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