Nested virtualization: How to set up network via nova-network on one node-installation Icehouse

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So I am ruining one node installation Icehouse (nova, glance, cider, keystone) and now I have come to point where should I make some virtual network and boot some virtual machines. But my host of Icehouse is already virtual machine on OpenStack. So this will be nested virtualization. I would just like to make some virtual network at least to run one instance. I have attached picture for better understanding what am I trying to do. I am ruinng my OpenStack on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.

By now I wasn't editing network props in nova.conf and I have not made any VLAN, virtual routers and so on. I would like to make some easy network - maybe FlatNetwork.

Can someone describes me how to make this network work?

image description

II have done my homework. I have read this install guides: , and .

I don't know what configuration propertis should I put in my nova.conf. Because in this install guide is controller node and compute node. But I have one node, what means it will have bouth functions. On the third link there is how to create some innital netowork. And I have few questions about it:

  1. Must I use bridges?
  2. What network shoud I usei if my OpenStack is running on and I would like to have instance running on my OpenStack to be visible from public network?

  3. Should I use any VLAN and simmiliar techniques?

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Not sure if I understand. I am using a devstack deployment running on an Openstack VM. The "outer" network topology doesn't show anything about the "inner" topology, and vice versa. Just point your browser to the "inner" horizon and set up your "inner" network there.

Bernd Bausch gravatar imageBernd Bausch ( 2014-09-19 21:37:48 -0500 )edit