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How to reach Dashboard by WEB/external?

asked 2014-09-17 02:56:05 -0500

n7rxDE gravatar image


i am having a basic 3Node installation of Openstack Icehouse set up with Basic Installtion Guide. All works as Virtual Machines in VirtualBox and all seems working fine.

So now i have 2 Questions.

  1. How can i configure the compute and the controller node to use the external interface of the network node for internet connection?

  2. At the Moment i reach the Dashboard (at Controller with the Management IP by the Host of my Virtualbox Setup. The Management Interfaces are Host only Interfaces. The Host can communicate to VM! But how can i get to the dashboard of any other pc in the web?

best regards toni

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answered 2014-09-18 05:33:33 -0500

matarazzoangelo gravatar image

1) The compute and the controller node cannot use the network node for internet connection. You can add an additional network interface for maintenance but it's not a good practice connect compute node to internet directly.

2)You can add an additional network interface to the controller node and it will be your public interface for Dashboard, or you can change your Host only interface in bridge interface.

BTW you can take a look to


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