How to encrypt account/container/object data that travels through swift storage nodes?

asked 2014-09-16 15:09:56 -0500

guimaluf gravatar image

I've a geo distributed swif infrastructure with many nodes in different zones across the whole country. In order to replicate a/c/o, data travels through Internet so replicas goes to it place.

The problem is: data travels between nodes via rsync without any encryption.

I know that storage network presume a secure network between nodes. Anyway I need help to figure out the best method to secure data between storage nodes.

openVPN is an option but it has the problem of SPOF. I don't know any other tool to do that. Another thing is how this would impact on the overall performance.

If I wasn't clear enough, let me know about it so I can write better. I appreciate any help. Thanks

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