"glance image-list" CLI is showing unexpected behavior??

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I am seeing two different behaviors of "glance image-list" CLI on two different openstack setups with admin user-

On First setup (Ubuntu(14.04) + openstack(icehouse))-

glance version is:0.12.0

In this setup, "glance image-list" shows the list of only public images --> (I think this is not expected behavior for admin user.)

Second setup(Ubuntu(14.04) + openstack(icehouse) + ceph(firefly))-

glance version is: 0.12.0

In this setup, "glance image-list" shows the list of public and non public images both --> (I think this is expected behavior for admin.)

Can anyone confirm-

a. Is this configuration specific issue ?? (if yes, what is that configuration)

b. Why non public images are accessible for admin on some setups while they are not on other??

c. On second setup, non public images("is public ="False") are also being listed with "glance image-list --is-public='True' " CLI. Is this expected behavior??


a. From command help-

$ glance help image-list

List images you can access.

--is-public [True|False]

Makes an image accessible for all the tenants (admin-only by default).

b. I was running "glance image-list" command through admin user on both setups.

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