Is there a working multi node lb vxlan ml2_conf.ini example? [closed]

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I've been having a terrible time getting lb+vxlan working and I believe I have a mistake somewhere in one of my ml2_conf.ini. Is there a working example that exists somewhere? All tap devices on my neutron agent node are "not defined on plugin."

I've tried many, many different configurations and here is the current one:

[ml2] type_drivers = vxlan,local tenant_network_types = vxlan mechanism_drivers = linuxbridge,l2population

[ml2_type_flat] flat_networks = vlan

[ml2_type_vlan] network_vlan_ranges = vlan:1:1

[ml2_type_vxlan] vni_ranges = 100:1000 vxlan_group =

[vxlan] local_ip = tenant_network_type = vxlan enable_vxlan = True l2_population = True vxlan_group =

[agent] tunnel_types=vxlan vxlan_udp_port = 4789

[linux_bridge] physical_interface_mappings = public:eth2

[l2pop] agent_boot_time = 180

[securitygroup] enable_security_group = True firewall_driver = neutron.agent.linux.iptables_firewall.IptablesFirewallDriver

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