Does domain work for Horizon and Keystone?

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Hi, I am trying to do a project on Openstack that supports multi-tenant. The latest version of Horizon I am testing is 2014.2.b3. We also tried stable/icehouse version of Horizon.

I think in order to support multi-tenant. I need to create a project with a domain as shown in the following link.

However in my Horizon setup, I can't see the domain name as an input field as the picture illustrated. I can programmingly create a project with a domain and create users inside the project/domain. But I can't login as that user; I was told that the user is not authenticated.

How do I support multi-tenant in my app? Domain seems to be the way, Am I too early to do this?

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answered 2014-09-12 19:29:15 -0600

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In your horizon settings, make sure horizon is configured to use v3. It is in local_setting.

“identity”: 3

Changes the setting to  to use v3 api. Restart horizon after changing the setting 
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