installed HP Helion community - get airOS page instead of Horizon

asked 2014-08-30 23:13:59 -0600

Joe Madden gravatar image

Installed HP's Helion Community Edition using OOO approach, per documentation everything seems to have worked fine - all the checks give me results I would expect - using v1.3 so I should be able to hit HP's instance of Horizon on - get 'airOS' web UI, and then I did the ssh -L private tunnel, and got same result just from localhost:9999

Not sure what to do? Any help direction would be appreciated Thanks Joe

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Let me answer my own question - it was a network route issue - added and and HP site popped up - not sure why they would've used a public ip - apparently airOS is public site

Joe Madden gravatar imageJoe Madden ( 2014-09-03 19:27:04 -0600 )edit