Not able to create volume backup using cinder

asked 2014-08-29 06:24:50 -0500

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updated 2014-09-03 07:40:23 -0500

I am unable to create a back up of the volume using the cinder command even if all the conditions required are satisfied. I am getting a HTTP 500 error. I am not sure what could be the problem here. Really appreciate if some one can give me some pointers to where i can look.

I am using Openstack Havana

C:\>cinder list
|                  ID                  |   Status  |           Display Name           | Size | Volume Type | Bootable |             Attached to              |
| db9cd065-1906-4bb7-b00c-f3f04245f514 | available |     ShitalVmNew1407152394855     |  50  |     None    |   true   |                                      |

C:\>cinder backup-create db9cd065-1906-4bb7-b00c-f3f04245f514
ERROR: Service cinder-backup could not be found. (HTTP 500) (Request-ID: req-734e6a87-33f6-4654-8a14-5e3242318e87)

Below is the exception in cinder logs

Creating new backup {u'backup': {u'volume_id': u'f57c9a6f-cba2-4c4f-aca1-c4633e6bbbe4', u'container': None, u'description': None, u'name': u'vin-vol-cmd-bck'}} from (pid=4193) create /opt/stack/cinder/cinder/api/contrib/
2014-08-29 11:11:52.805 AUDIT cinder.api.contrib.backups [req-12ec811b-a5b8-4043-8656-09a832e407d7 433bc3b202ae4b438b2530cb487b97a5 7da65e0e61124e54a8bd0d91f22a1ac0] Creating backup of volume f57c9a6f-cba2-4c4f-aca1-c4633e6bbbe4 in container None
2014-08-29 11:11:52.833 INFO cinder.api.openstack.wsgi [req-12ec811b-a5b8-4043-8656-09a832e407d7 433bc3b202ae4b438b2530cb487b97a5 7da65e0e61124e54a8bd0d91f22a1ac0] HTTP exception thrown: Service cinder-backup could not be found.
2014-08-29 11:11:52.834 INFO cinder.api.openstack.wsgi [req-12ec811b-a5b8-4043-8656-09a832e407d7 433bc3b202ae4b438b2530cb487b97a5 7da65e0e61124e54a8bd0d91f22a1ac0] returned with HTTP 500
2014-08-29 11:11:52.835 INFO eventlet.wsgi.server [req-12ec811b-a5b8-4043-8656-09a832e407d7 433bc3b202ae4b438b2530cb487b97a5 7da65e0e61124e54a8bd0d91f22a1ac0] - - [29/Aug/2014 11:11:52] "POST /v1/7da65e0e61124e54a8bd0d91f22a1ac0/backups HTTP/1.1" 500 359 0.043090
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As per the logs pasted it says "Service cinder-backup could not be found.", so please check if cinder-backup service is installed, and is in running state.

sushma-korati gravatar imagesushma-korati ( 2014-09-03 08:23:13 -0500 )edit

+1 for sushma-korati's comment. I had the same issue and resolved by starting cinder backup service.

jeffrey-olsen gravatar imagejeffrey-olsen ( 2015-01-13 09:51:29 -0500 )edit