How can a tenant create a network supporting a specific domain name?

asked 2014-08-28 16:27:09 -0600

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Havana using neutron + vswitch: Using Horizon dashboard as a tenant I created a network (10.16.1/24) with DHCP support and then a trusty instance using that network.

The instance populates its DHCP request with Option 12 Host Name: 'test1'. The DHCP offer contains (among others) Option 12 Host Name: 'host-10-16-1-103', and Option 15 Domain Name: 'openstacklocal'.

Afterward, I would expect 'nslookup test1.openstacklocal' would return a record, but no. However, nslookup on the IP returns a record for 'name = host-10-16-1-103.openstacklocal'.

Is there a way using the neutron CLI to create a network that will honor the request's Host Name and provide a specific Domain Name, e.g. ''?

I would like to be able to do;

 $ nslookup test1
 $ nslookup
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