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Horizon Errors when using OpenStack (+OpenDayLight)

asked 2014-08-28 10:58:39 -0600

skyw@lker gravatar image

updated 2014-08-30 13:18:15 -0600

Hi all,

I am trying to run OpenStack with OpenDayLight. There are a controller node and a compute node. I have used the instructions and the virtual machine(s) from

I am able to use Dashoard but I get the following errors:

  • In Admin -> System Panel -> Overview

    Error: Unable to retrieve volume limit information.

  • In Admin -> SystemPanel -> System Info

    Error: Unable to get quota info.

  • In Admin -> System Panel -> Volumes

    Error: Unable to retrieve volume list.

    Error: Unable to retrieve volume types

These errors appear also in different places in the Horizon menu.

Have you ever faced them? What could be the causes? How could I do?

I specify that I am new to OpenStack and ODL.

Thank you.


When I try to create a new instance I get:

Error: Unable to retrieve list of volume snapshots.

Error: Unable to retrieve list of volumes.

Error: There was an error submitting the form. Please try again.

Error: Unable to retrieve list of volume snapshots.

Error: Unable to retrieve list of volumes.

Update1:(see also UPDATE2 at the bottom) I suspect the issues that I presented above could be related to the following error(seen in

2014-08-29 09:05:26.486 | + sudo mysqladmin -u root password mysql
2014-08-29 09:05:26.498 | mysqladmin: connect to server at 'localhost' failed
2014-08-29 09:05:26.505 | error: 'Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO)'
2014-08-29 09:05:26.519 | + true
2014-08-29 09:05:26.526 | + sudo mysql -uroot -pmysql -h127.0.0.1 -e 'GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* TO '\''root'\''@'\''%'\'' identified by '\''mysql'\'';'
2014-08-29 09:05:26.533 | + sudo bash -c 'source /home/odl/devstack/functions &&         iniset /etc/my.cnf mysqld bind-address &&         iniset /etc/my.cnf mysqld default-storage-engine InnoDB'

The mysql root password is 'mysql'. Even-though the virtual machine comes with exactly the same password, I had to reset it using the commands described in due to ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'root'@'fedora-odl-1' (using password: YES) that I solved using mysql --user=root --password=mysql mysql [........] contains all the messages that I got during the stack process, including the section above.

In the following I would like to write the configuration of both control(fedora-odl-1) and compute(fedora-odl-2) nodes:

[odl@fedora-odl-1 opendaylight]$ ifconfig eth2
    inet  netmask  broadcast
[odl@fedora-odl-2 devstack]$ ifconfig eth2
    inet  netmask  broadcast

This is the local.conf in the controller node:


# Only uncomment the below two lines if you are running on Fedora
disable_service rabbit
enable_service qpid
#disable_service n-cpu
enable_service n-cond
disable_service n-net
enable_service q-svc
enable_service q-dhcp
enable_service q-l3
enable_service q-meta
enable_service quantum
enable_service tempest

HOST_IP=192.168.57 ...
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Yes, it is probably related to mysql problem (nothing to do with opendaylight) To which ip your hostname is resoved? (e.g. when you ping fedora-odl-1 ?) maybe try to change your /etc/hosts such that your hostname resolves to, fedora-odl-1 ?

T u l gravatar imageT u l ( 2014-08-30 09:48:03 -0600 )edit

initially the hostname was resolved to After swapping the lines in hosts it resolves to Unfortunately, all errors are still there.

skyw@lker gravatar imageskyw@lker ( 2014-08-30 13:00:13 -0600 )edit

just to be sure, what is the error (in log files)?

can you also add a record to mysql.user for host 'fedora-odl-1' (regardless the wildcard one %) ?

T u l gravatar imageT u l ( 2014-08-30 15:38:36 -0600 )edit

try using maria db in fedora instead of sql.

SGPJ gravatar imageSGPJ ( 2014-08-31 03:50:51 -0600 )edit

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answered 2014-08-29 08:03:14 -0600

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answered 2015-09-02 08:57:57 -0600

I was having this error in OpenStack Juno, Ubuntu 14.04. Fixed by reinstalling some missing packages on controller node inside (the cinder section) of Openstack Installation.

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