subnet vs network to set in the OS::Neutron::Port

asked 2014-08-27 21:52:44 -0600

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in the OS::Neutron::Port defination

heat_template_version: 2013-05-23
    type: OS::Neutron::Port
      admin_state_up: Boolean
      allowed_address_pairs: [{"ip_address": String, "mac_address": String}, {"ip_address": String, "mac_address": String}, ...]
      device_id: String
      device_owner: String
      **fixed_ips**: [{"subnet_id": String, "subnet": String, "ip_address": String}, {"subnet_id": String, "subnet": String, "ip_address": String}, ...]
      mac_address: String
      name: String
      **network: String**
      security_groups: [Value, Value, ...]
      value_specs: {...}

Both the network and subnet are optional Properties

Is that true if I have both information I would rather just use the subnet (as it shall belong to one network) if I use static IP?

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answered 2014-08-28 08:39:19 -0600

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Just tried. It did not pass thru with the only subnet-id

Property network_id not assigned
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