how can i specify a swift endpoint to nova image-create?

asked 2014-08-26 16:29:57 -0600

andybrucenet gravatar image

I'm working on different backup strategies. One thing that occurs to me is that if I could:

  1. Add a glance endpoint either to a locally-mounted iscsi device or (preferably) directly to the iSCSI storage device.
  2. Use nova image-create to create my snapshot, giving as the destination the glance endpoint directly.. I can specify --endpoint but I'm having a hard time understanding what it offers me.

Also - I'm trying to understand how I can take the output from glance image-show and use that to get direct access to the backing image. Yes, I know I could use glance to download the image, but the point is I want to minimize the network traffic. For example: If the image is stored locally (e.g. filesystem on a KVM host compute node) then I'd want to SSH into that host and simply copy the created snapshot image.

Also looking at Raksha but that has some problems (namely that disk images are no longer delta'ed from the base image). Might be the same problem from me going direct with the nova image-create command but I'm still figuring out options...

Lots more questions I have! But one step at a time...

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