lbaas health monitoring implementation

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i would like to know how lbaas Health monitoring is implemented.... there are two ways right -- does lbaas uses ping command to ping the pool memebers 2. TCP -- who will establish tcp connection from neutron node to pool member/vm i would like to know how above each mechanisms are implemented. any information on above queries will be dreat help for me..!!! i am a newbie in openstack lbaas, please point me to any documentation/code which explains above thanks in advance vs

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answered 2014-12-16 03:28:34 -0600

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This is right that there are at least 2 ways of doing server's health checking, icmp ping and tcp connection.

With HaProxy as LBaaS backend, 2 more ways/types are available : HTTP and HTTPS. This is true for IceHouse and Juno. And as Robert said, neutron code will build the haproxy config file according to your directives (see link below).

HaProxy driver code :


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answered 2014-12-15 21:10:58 -0600

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Health check depends on what lbaas driver you use.

If you use haproxy then neutron lbaas agent will create the haproxy config files with the health_monitor checks you have associated with that LB Pool and then spawn a haproxy process.

The haproxy process will be responsible for the health checks

Some info about lbaas setup :

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