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Windows 2008 R2 image fails with blue screen error 0x0000005D

asked 2014-08-20 09:34:06 -0500

Venkat gravatar image


I added a Win2012 R2 image (via glance) of format vmdk. The image already has latest virtio 0.1-81 and also cloudbase.init package installed. When I start the instance created out of this image, Windows does not boot up and I get a 'blue screen of death' error 0x00000005D. I tried using 'hw_disk_bus=scsi', 'hw_disk_bus=ide' and 'hw_disk_bus=virtio' options one by one to make it boot from each of these drivers, but still its the same result.

Can anyone point me to what the possible reason could be ?

On the same OpenStack setup. we have a Centos image working fine, which was also added (via glance) in vmdk format.

Thanks Venkat

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answered 2014-08-20 14:38:37 -0500

alexpilotti gravatar image

Those images are for KVM, so they load specific drivers that you don't have on ESXi.

We use the following scripts, which automate the entire installation:

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