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any live example on show to use sahara dashboard to run hadoop wordcount example?

asked 2014-08-14 21:25:13 -0500

9lives gravatar image

updated 2014-08-14 22:19:36 -0500

Dear stackers,

I am struggling with running wordcount example using sahara dashboad UI, checking the sahara official guide many times and there is no such example, does any one know how to run the word count example using sahara UI?

PS: my generated oozie workflow file is like this: oozie workflow file.

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<workflow-app name="job-wf" xmlns="uri:oozie:workflow:0.2">
  <start to="job-node"/>
  <action name="job-node">
    <ok to="end"/>
    <error to="fail"/>
  <kill name="fail">
    <message>Workflow failed, error message[${wf:errorMessage(wf:lastErrorNode())}]</message>
  <end name="end

Anything wrong with it?

Thanks a billion!

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answered 2014-08-20 19:36:18 -0500

9lives gravatar image

After some digging and we found there is actually a bp for answering this question.



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