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asked 2014-08-14 03:45:31 -0600

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Hello! I have an ESXi host (VMware), Openstack compute and controller nodes are deployed as its VM's. I can successfully create VM's with my ubuntu and cirros images.

But the problem is that I can not launch an instance with my manually created Windows image - VMDK file with 40G file size. I can see that the VM is created and resources are allocated in vCenter client, but, I guess, it crushes at importing my image. Openstack dashboard show instance as "spawning", and nova list shows this for 3 hours by now:

 1eaa6d1d-88b2-4986-83d8-18bda1ae43d0 | ws | BUILD | spawning | NOSTATE | geos-net=

Image was created with following options:

--disk-format=vmdk --property vmware_adaptertype="ide" --property vmware_disktype="sparse" --is-public=True --property vmware_ostype="windows7Server64Guest" --container-format=bare

Is it because of the image size? Logs are clean, so I have no idea why it happens.

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answered 2014-08-27 20:20:18 -0600

AlexShumilov gravatar image

The problem was because of I did not have enough patience - it took so long because of Openstack was copying image back to the ESXi host. Basically, next time when I use this image, it will take a minute to deploy VM insted of 16 hours:) My full story and solution is posted at (

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answered 2014-08-27 15:21:14 -0600

capsali gravatar image

check /var/log/nova/nova-scheduler.log

What kind of storage backend do you use for ephemeral and (if you use cinder) block storage?

More details about your openstack deployment and please check all logs under /var/log/nova/ and /var/log/glance.

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Thanks for reply, but I've solved this issue. The solution is posted below.

AlexShumilov gravatar imageAlexShumilov ( 2014-08-27 20:16:00 -0600 )edit

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