What shared storage would I use for live migration of VM's? [closed]

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Hi, new to Openstack - what shared storage would I use for live migration of VM's, I have /var/lib/nova/instances mounted as an nfs share - but could this be used in a production enviroment.Could I use CEPH,GlusterFS or ISCSI SAN?


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Can you be specific with what issue you are facing.

SGPJ gravatar imageSGPJ ( 2014-08-14 06:12:18 -0600 )edit

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answered 2014-08-13 13:03:21 -0600

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This is hard to say, as it depends on many things. How large your cloud is, howmuch I/O the instances will do to their ephemeral storage, etc..

I've used NFS backed shared storage for non-openstack virtualization with a few (approx 5) hypervisors with an average of about 10 VMs each. This was OK under normal conditions but pathological conditions could be, well pathological. This depends a lot on your load profile and the performance of your NAS.

You can definately use Ceph or GlusterFS. Not 100% sure about using SAN directly for the ephemeral storage, though you can use it for block storage and boot all your instances from the block store.

I'm currently using local storage (non-shared) for my 70 hypervisor openstack cloud and using KVM block migration to move instances ( nova live-migration --block-migrate ), but this has some limitations. I'm hoping to move to ceph soon, bu tI don't have it in production quite yet (though many do).

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answered 2014-08-14 04:16:11 -0600

kildarejoe gravatar image

Hi jproulx, many thanks for the response - so would you say in your opinion that CEPH would be the best choice at this stage, we currently run VMWARE and Hyper-V clouds -but wish to offer a service to customers of the choice of three hypervisers , - kvm,esx and hyper-V with openstack managing the three - obviously I have a way to go before this is realized - I use an iscsi SAN for the vmware and hyper-v , so using an iscsi san for all three would probably be easiest for backend storage, for management purposes.

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answered 2014-08-14 06:38:31 -0600

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Hi SGPJ, no issue really - just looking for the correct technology to use for shared strage - as I read on the RED HAT openstack site(though cant seem to find the link now) - that nfs is not suitable for use for shared storage for production purposes - once you start to scale - so just want to get some opinions?

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I closed this question because this site is not suitable to entertain in conversations but it's about finding answers to specific questions. Read https://ask.openstack.org

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