What are the full steps for deploying a Horizon customization module? [closed]

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http://docs.openstack.org/developer/horizon/topics/customizing.html#modifying-existing-dashboards-and-panels (The Horzion documentation) states that you can specify a custom python module which will be loaded after the entire Horizon site has been initialized. It says to write its dotted python path notation into HORIZON_CONFIG dictionary inside local_settings.py.

Let's say, I have the folder with customization module somewhere on disk of the machine with running Horizon. What steps do I need to take to deploy this module before finally adding the dotted python path notation?


After reading a bit more into Customizing Horizon, I've found a recommendation to add a python-path argument to the WSGIDaemonProcess line in Apache’s Horizon config. I've done sone, but after restarting the httpd, I get the 'module not loaded error'. What am I missing?


After moving the module to Horizon root directory the 'module not loaded' error has dissappeared, so I can assume that Horizon is at least able to load modules from its Python path. However, the module still doesn't appear to be executed. For example, I've made a simple script that creates a file. It works when executed from Python directly, but there is still no effect if I run the server.


I've solved the problem. In the example for adding a customization model to HORIZON_CONFIG I mistook 'overrides' in 'my_project.overrides' for a method due to there being no explicit statement about what it is. After adding a file named 'overrides.py' the module started working. I'm closing the question.

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search this site, there are a couple of similar questions with answers.

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