Multiple external network with neutron+gre in icehouse [closed]

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I have created a 3 tier openstack architecture with the following Document

We have created 1 controller, 1 network node and 4 compute nodes. Currently we have connected one external network to grant public access to the Vm's. Is there any way to add one more external network to the system so that we can access Vm's with two different IP's.

I have searched and could only find docs related to flat network and vlan network but nothing related to gre .

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Yes, basically you would add a second br-ex2, allowing you to add a second external network (and therefore a second floating ip pool). To do that you must run an additional l3_agent opportunely configured: to do that have a look here!

Hope this was what you were searching for!

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answered 2014-08-12 09:54:07 -0600

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