is archiving vms and snapshots possible

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I'm building a private IaaS cloud for work as a development and engineering environment. Not totally sold on Openstack, tbh, but working with it. We'll be running it on top of ESXi 5.1 and vCenter as we have to guarantee vm compatibility with our live systems. I need to be able to archive vms to maintain a historical record of systems that are subsequently deployed on customer sites running on ESXi but also to be able to pull those systems out and fire them up quickly if the customer wants any changes done or if they have a problem so we can replicate it. I also need to be able to snapshot/archive prior to any software upgrades in case it all goes a bit runny and we have to quickly roll back. Not an easy task otherwise. Looked at Dell, Rackspace and HP's private offerings, now have Openstack running virtualised on my laptop to test. Can't see how to do it.

In vCenter this would be easy to do - set up an archive datastore on a SAN somewhere and clone the vms to it (our software does not support ESXi snapshots - it introduces corruption in the databases). When a job is finished, shut it down and move to the archive datastore. But how do I do that in Openstack? If I can't then it's a show-stopper and we will go with vCloud Director because I can do it in that.

Can I just mirror or copy the image directory? Can I clone a vm to preserve a particular configuration or software level? If so, will imaging a running vm's files cause corruption? Will I need to stop the vm's to image them? That's not a show-stopper in itself.

Also, probably a different question - does Openstack have an equivilent to vApps? Our systems work as a complete closed system of 4-8 vm's, so to be able to have a fully configured template to deploy would be great.

Sorry if this is a stupid question but it's one of the main hinge-pins of the project. If I can't do this, then I need a different solution. Personally, I'm interested in Openstack and having not used Linux for a few years getting my 'Nix skills out and dusting them off is really nice.

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Have a look at the taking snapshot and VM mgiration, Hope that helps !!

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