External (admin) network and privileges

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I have private cloud based on Icehouse and I've created external, shared network for all tenants, moreover that external network is bound to a VLAN inside comapny network, but from OpenStack's point of view it's an external network.

I'd like to know why such network is "admin" bound. I mean in code there are places which checks if the user performing operations like resume, resize etc. on an instance which has interface in an external network is an admin. Am I using something incorrectly? or how can I turn off that "admin" requirement? When an instance has that interface, actions like resume or resize doesn't work. They silently fails but Horizon shows that the actions was successful.

My workaround idea was to use floating IPs instead of that public network, but it's a lot easier (at least private deployment) to use single shared external network instead of floating pools in each tenant.

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answered 2014-08-11 05:44:23 -0600

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Public network with external gateway will be associated to admin and you need to assign floating ip to VMs attached to private network.

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