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Hi, I have a question about glance-api-paste.ini. What's purpose of the /: apiversions in glance-api-paste.ini. From the api v1 and v2 document, I don't find any api referring to the /: apiversions. Is it just telling the users which api version the glance currently supports ? And I also find if we use the pipeline defined in glance-api-paste.ini by default, the program can't run to the branch. Because in the versionnegotiation middleware, if the program receives any request that doesn't contain v1 or v2, it will raise a exception except it contains /versions.

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answered 2015-11-12 04:34:50 -0600

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The version negotiation middleware is responding to / requests with "300 multiple choices" redirect response. This way accessing client application can discover what API versions the glance endpoint supports and do the following queries accordingly.

Please feel free to open a bug about the error condition you are facing at with as much detail as you can and we will have a look on it. Obviously if it's still valid issue.

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