Openstack with VMware Virtual Distributed Switch (vDS) VLAN tagging

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Hello, I'm trying to learn a bit more about OpenStack and how it can help me solve some of my Automation / Self Provisioning needs and I'm getting a bit lost on how I would accomplish an OpenStack setup. I have been able to connect OpenStack to vCenter and use Horizon to provision VMs utilizing the cluster in vcenter. The piece I'm missing is, I'm not sure how to get Neutron to tag the newly created VM traffic with specific VLANs when they communicate.

For instance: In the drawing I have represented the Web VM's as hanging off of a portGroup that sits on the VMware Virtual Distributed Switch. Unfortunately I dont know how to tell OpenStack to assign the web VMs the correct VLAN Tag (Vlan 101 in my case) going out the trunk port on the OpenStack server (Eth1).

My question I suppose is, is it possible to have OpenStack configure the Virtual Distributed Switch in VMware (without having to fuss with NSX for MultiHypervisor), and Tag the VM traffic with the correct VLAN tag? I've been able to get this to work with a single VLAN, but I would like to start using multiple VLANs on the VDS for this as well. If so, Does anyone have an example neutron ini file I can take a look at?


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I am trying to setup neutron with vmware vds. flat network. any guide which you would suggest?

vaidyanath-m gravatar imagevaidyanath-m ( 2016-05-19 11:58:47 -0500 )edit