Unable to view instance console from windows (but works on linux) [closed]

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I recently installed openstack grizzly on Ubuntu 12.04. I have configured it to work with VMware ESX. Instance gets created successfully. I am able to access its console successfully using web-browser on a linux or a mac.

But I can't access its console using web-browsers (firefox/chrome) on windows machines. Only on windows, I get Error:

Failed to connect to server (code 1006).

I see following details in the nova-novncproxy.log:

25: new handler Process
25: "GET /vnc_auto.html?token=7f774f2e-5fe8-4e3e-9c12-154f4d372692&title=Ubuntu00(faa98eab-531f-4f26-bfd4-0f587fa47aa7) HTTP/1.1" 200 -
26: new handler Process
27: new handler Process
28: new handler Process
28: Plain non-SSL (ws://) WebSocket connection
28: Version hybi-13, base64: 'True'
28: Path: '/websockify'
28: connecting to:

Traffic Legend:
    }  - Client receive
    }. - Client receive partial
    {  - Target receive

    >  - Target send
    >. - Target send partial
    <  - Client send
    <. - Client send partial

{< 26: ignoring socket not ready
27: ignoring socket not ready

Can you please help me to try and resolve this problem?

Thank you, Mango.

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