Bulk add IPs to VM

asked 2014-08-09 03:13:08 -0500

Leonard gravatar image

Hi, Is there any way to bulk add IPs to a VM? Example, I want to a an entire /24 block of IPs to a VM. It's possible to write a bash script to do this with CLI commands, but in my experience those don't work too well.

Using nova-network on Havana and Ubuntu 12 host OS.

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We are doing bulk add IP in our VMs with script and it works fine. What is the issue you are getting in the bulk add IPs to the VM? Is it one floating IP per VM or bunch of IPs for a single VM? Just checking to see whether my script can be shared or not.

krishna-mk gravatar imagekrishna-mk ( 2014-08-12 05:46:44 -0500 )edit