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Error starting keystone

asked 2013-08-24 06:43:08 -0500

blazesurfer gravatar image

when running /etc/init.d/openstack-keystone start

get this error starting keystonestartproc: exit status of parent of /usr/bin/keystone-all: 1

Any ideas?

nothing is showing up that highlights this.. though if i start keystone-all manually and then start openstack-keystone.. it seems to work..but same error if i try openstack-keystone restart.

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Rights related. have changed the owner ship on files and folders referenced in the /etc/init.d/openstack-keystone then just for giggles changed the user = "openstack-keystone" to user = "root" then it all works nice. is there any thing known to need to be checked or confirmed? Thanks

blazesurfer gravatar imageblazesurfer ( 2013-08-24 07:07:15 -0500 )edit

really depends on how you installed as to what user it should be running under and what permissions should be used.

fifieldt gravatar imagefifieldt ( 2013-08-24 20:10:52 -0500 )edit

Ok on sles I installed using zypper so all of that was done from installer. All good will leave as root for now. Thanks

blazesurfer gravatar imageblazesurfer ( 2013-08-25 04:34:13 -0500 )edit

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answered 2013-08-25 04:35:00 -0500

blazesurfer gravatar image

Have set to run as root for now.. Wll need to review required rights and setup with a dedicated user at some stage

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