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Swift memcached clusters

asked 2014-08-08 14:21:36 -0500

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updated 2014-08-08 15:20:48 -0500

smaffulli gravatar image

When using multiple proxy nodes each proxy node should run memcached and each proxy service should have all the nodes is the list of memcached servers? Each node should not be using just itself, correct? This seems very import for middleware like ratelimit.

From an operations perspective, how would someone deal with scenarios such as:

  1. Losing a proxy node, server failure.
  2. Adding a proxy node.
  3. Removing a proxy node.
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Try to make this question more precisely pointing at a specific problem because as it is now, it's too subjective. It should go to a mailing list instead. Check

smaffulli gravatar imagesmaffulli ( 2014-08-08 15:21:58 -0500 )edit

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answered 2014-09-03 21:08:34 -0500

zaitcev gravatar image

I think Swift's own memcached's client error-limits down nodes, which mitigates the problem #1. Just bring back up. If it's gone permanently, however, it's better to walk all proxy-server.conf and remove that IP.

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