can't create volume on HP 3PAR with Cinder

asked 2014-08-07 17:00:49 -0500

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updated 2014-08-08 15:31:35 -0500

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I have controller+Cinder on one node.

  • I've installed 3parhttpclient and hp FC drivers

  • I've configured cinder.conf to use multiple backends (although I'm only having 3par configuration in the file)

  • scheduler,volume & api services are all up and running on the node

I'm unable to create a volume with the below error logged in "cinder-scheduler.log":

WARNING cinder.context [-] Arguments dropped when creating context: {'user': u'd4f4946a98ee4d30bce1174eab1cb6f8', 'tenant': u'66d541016db444b9a06b8f677d2864ae', 'user_identity': u'd4f4946a98ee4d30bce1174eab1cb6f8 66d541016db444b9a06b8f677d2864ae - - -'}

2014-08-07 14:36:24.263 6665 WARNING cinder.scheduler.host_manager [req-149500c9-7243-488d-9e8d-cbe25586c1ce d4f4946a98ee4d30bce1174eab1cb6f8 66d541016db444b9a06b8f677d2864ae - - -] volume service is down or disabled. (host: OpenStack)

I can see that http3parclient has successfully connected to 3par as seen in cinder-volume.log .

the output of cinder service-list shows that the volume and scheduler services are both up. I'm not sure where should I look for the source of this error and what could it be.

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