Ceilometer resource type - infer?

asked 2014-08-06 06:01:02 -0600

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Ceilometer gives the resource id and metric id for a set of samples but the meta data included (eg. Name, image.size) is specified by the caller, and from what I can see ceilometer doesn't store any information about what the resource actually is in the database (is it a Nova resource? Glance?)

Is there a way to get the resource type directly from the ceilometer Api? Or is there a call to another restful endpoint in the stack to retrieve this?

Or is it assumed that you must infer what the resource is from its meta data? Eg. A resource with a heap of metadata about disk read, write and memory could be a glance image, who's primary human identifier is the name field. I'm unsure if this is a maintainable feature, given metadata changing for resources.

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hey I am having the same trouble, i need to get the resource type of each resource from the resource list, did you get any work around for this ?

chitranshi-shubham gravatar imagechitranshi-shubham ( 2014-11-24 19:45:54 -0600 )edit